About Custom Food Service

After many years as a sales person and buyer in all areas in food distribution, here in the valley, Carl Schnitzer, Fresh Produce at Custom Food Service, Phoenix, AZ along with his wife Nadine as his partner, and his three sons Cary, David, and Ken, opened Custom Food Service in 1977. Carl started the business with one question ‘If we were the Food Service Operator, what would we want from our distributor?’ In other words, we do everything we can to put ourselves in your shoes and address your needs. So, whether you’re looking for menu allowances, new and innovative products, wait staff promotions, online ordering, free customized table tents, promotional events, and a whole lot more… we’re the ones to call. We service the Food service industry here in Arizona, which includes Restaurants, Bars, Sports Bars, Night Clubs, Hotels, White Table Cloth, Resorts, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Residential Care Facilities, Schools, Casinos, Country Clubs, Golf Clubs, Theme Parks, Coffee Shops, Caterers and Corporate Dining etc.

Custom Food Service is a proud and active member of Unipro, America’s Premier Food service Purchasing Group, because of our partnership with Unipro we can provide our customers valuable resources like the ‘recipe for success’ program. The ‘recipe for success’ program was designed specially for you the Food Service operator by top hospitality consultant Jim Sullivan. There are useful tips for you to improve many aspects of your business like menu development, increased revenues, cost cutting, operational improvements, marketing, team building, staff training and industry resource articles. Go ahead click the on the ‘recipe for success’ link, and open the door to greater success. To learn more about how our partnerships with Unipro can benefit you as our customer go to the Unipro section of the menu above.

Our Buyer’s Advantage Food Show is another example of how we strive to be a leader and innovator in food service distribution by setting up win/win programs and bring real value and savings to our customers. We have the most advanced food service distribution technology and available online ordering. The Custom Food Service recipe is to be Committed to Quality and Dedicated to our Customers. Our business model is to be modern, personalized, streamlined, and efficient. We love the Food Service business, being a partner to our customers, and providing growth opportunities for our employees. We are committed to helping our customers grow their businesses and provide them national brand merchandise and personalized service.