The Power to Say Yes

Just like you, being local and independent is our strength. With our lower overhead, quality products, and outstanding service record, you can buy with confidence. As one customer recently said after moving their business to Custom, “Why isn’t everyone buying from you guys?

We welcome you to experience the Custom Food Service Independent Advantage for yourself.

A Proud History

My parents, Carl and Nadine Schnitzer, started Custom Food Service in 1977. Partnership, loyalty, and service are only a few of the principles on which Custom Food Service was built. They taught me the only way to build a long term business relationship is to create value on both sides. At CFS, we continue to honor this ideal with our customers, employees, and suppliers.

 Make it Easy… Make it Custom! 


Buying Local,
It Just Makes Cents

According to Local Arizona First, $45 out of every $100 spent at a locally owned business in Arizona remains in the state. By contrast, only $13 of $100 spent at chains stay in Arizona.

Member of UniPro
Foodservice, Inc.

Custom Food Service is a proud member of UniPro Foodservice, Inc., the largest foodservice distribution cooperative in the United States providing quality foodservice products for over 800,000 customers just like you.

“Custom” Stands for
Customized Service

Whether it’s bringing you new menu ideas, or delivery times that meet your needs, we’re here for you.


We believe there is only one way to do business – face to face. We’ve been doing it that way for over 42 years.


Our web-based online ordering system allows you to place orders, review invoices, and access your account from any computer.

& Coupons

From annual rewards programs to special buys, there’s always something exciting going on.